Saturday, July 15, 2017

A new package at Dollarama and Pack Attack - Dollarama 15

First, here we go again....

Though I am not a fan of the horizontal cards, some of these 2011-12 Pinnacle cards at least do the set up well. This one seems to waste the space a bit on the left side of the pic - might have been able to have the same shot with a vertical shot. Also not a huge fan of this side shot since Smyth seems to take up less than a third of the photo.

Some of the cards of 1990-91 Bowman seem to be preferred in being found from this says my third dupe of Crossman.

At some point I got a chunk of this set - about 25% and unfortunately this is one of those I already had - though I still like the simplicity of the Calder Candidate stripe.

I like this, and a number of the newer O Pee Chee sets, though none are a priority for really working on because they are such a big set.

Solid player, and as an aside - there seem to be a lot of Rangers, at least in the last few of these packs I have opened.

This is the first 2003-04 Parkhurst Boston Original 6 card I've had. Hadn't even heard of these sets and now really want to look at the 100 card Toronto set since they did one for each of the original six teams.

Already have it, but glad to finally see a Leaf come out of one of these repacks - yay!

Another of these "should I keep inserts"

Small things to luck out on - I had the 3 cards before and after this one, but needed it.

1990-91 Topps....

The unneeded American version, sorry Al.

Well, haven't seen a non-Leaf 1994-95 Fleer card before - think the background is too strong, it takes over the forefront picture here.

Well - at least this one is English...I guess...but I also have one for the error binder.

I guess we can just count one one of these per 15 the way this is going, and frankly, that isn't needed - just not my thing. As an aside, if someone does collect minor league hockey, I'd love a couple people to be able to trade these off to, and I would definitely give favourable trades in such a case.

And we end with a final "should I keep" insert. Interest that I got 11 and 12 here, 13 before, like they just pull a card or two because they have a number of these 20 card insert sets and distribute them out. I have to say, at least the quality of the players is fairly good for the insert set - all three being names I recognize.

Can't complain about this one, overall pretty good with a Leaf, couple inserts plus 7 other new for me cards.

In addition to this typical Dollarama item, there was also something new I picked up. It was this...

Not the best scan, but quicker than a picture. 100 cards for $4 plus tax ain't bad for Magic cards considering a booster pack of 15 cards usually runs about $4. Some guesses as to what this will contain in the 100 cards well:
- I will go with 10 lands
- I'll say 8 uncommon cards
- I'm going to guess there will be a rare card, but it will be pretty much worthless
- There will not be any foil cards
- there will be 5 artifact cards

Since I only collect artifact cards, I expect that this wasn't worth the $4 from a value standpoint, but for the entertainment value, as well as taking a stroll down memory lane (I am hoping at least a few cards are from back in my playing days), this will be worth it.

I won't show everything, but will touch on some of the cards as I go and summarize at the end in case anyone is interested in what exactly came in the pack.

First card out...

Well, one for my collection at least (even though it would have only cost me a quarter - still a start in getting back the $4 I put into this). As basic it gets for an artifact creature, high cost given the strength and defense (6 to cast, 5 strength, 4 defense or armour). Bonus marks for being 8th edition which was 2003, and oh how I miss the white borders. This is actually my first artifact in 8th edition too - sweet. This was on the tail end of my playing, I wasn't buying new cards then, so makes sense to me. Oh, and for those that do not know, the 8 symbol with cards behind it - being silver means it is an uncommon card (black is common and gold, as well as other such colours, are various types of rare cards).

Second card out...

Just showing because this is from Modern Masters 2017 which was released just a few months ago, so it shows how new these repacks are.

Then only four cards in...

Again, just another quarter card, but two artifacts and two uncommon cards when only four cards in - I am liking this so far.

Next uncommon we hit - a decent card, though I generally dislike multicolour cards...

Another white border and the earliest card so far (about 15 in).

Though just a common, another artifact...

Another uncommon:

Make this the earliest card thus far...

This is also a rare (not that it is worth much or of great play value), but appreciate that this came out originally about a year into me playing Magic, so at least I recognized it. Still - would have to pay a massive fifty cents to buy it these days.

Yet another artifact...

I really like this card, even if it is another uncommon card that would have set me bacj a quarter. I use to love playing these type of hulking creatures.

Not even half way through then I end up with the next two cards in order...

A rare and a foil card. Again, neither anything too significant, but still a bit surprised to see these.

Shortly followed up by another artifact that I didn't have yet...

And another...

Definitely can be used for some quick life gaining.

Had a long stretch without an artifact until coming across...

There was similar for each basic land type, this one obviously for mountains/red.

In the last few cards, there were these:

Another artifact, and a couple more foil cards.

Overall, just to give some figures for people interested...
- Number of cards pre-2010 year - 17
- Basic Land - 3
- Foil - 3
- Artifact - 7
- Uncommon - 26
- Rare/Mythic Rare - 2

Wow - that was a lot better than I though. The artifact cards alone would have run me a couple bucks, so I only paid a couple for the "extra" cards. Definitely one I would do again. There were a few duplicates within the 100 cards, but just a handful or slightly more. Also good for variety, while giving a fair share to newer cards on which I am generally light.

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