Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Value Village Finds - Part 3 of 5

Thank you for coming back again on this week of tribute to a Value Village find. Today we go through another pack of 1990-91 Pro Set hockey cards. By the end of this post, the set is now over 88% done. Similar to the prior posts, I wont scan the duplicates, but there were about another 60 of them here, so anyone looking to start or complete the set, let me know as I should be able to help.

First up, I have gotten the "set" together and here are the adds including the new error or Leaf cards that will first go into the completed set...

An excellent haul of needs filled with some good goalie pics, a droopy Murphy, and JJ Daignasult before it was just JJ. Nice to be around 80 cards left to go.

There are some error cards above, but also a few dupes now for the error binder...

Then also factor in the Leafs...

With McIntyre in a Leaf uniform, he gets included in the Leaf collection for me.

Tomorrow there will likely still be a bit of the same, but some other cards too...look like McDonalds hockey cards which are always nice...


  1. The more I see you post about this set the more I think that I like it

    1. just such a fun set to me - colourful and error filled.