Saturday, July 1, 2017

Happy Canada Day, eh!

Well, what would be more Canadian than hockey on a day like today. Since I still have a number of 1990-91 Pro Set packs to open, let's knock a few of them off today while sitting inside our igloo with our pet beavers while the polar bears and moose roam outside...not to feed into stereo types or anything...

Pack #1:

Brett Hull is definitely the stand out of the keepers from this pack. Also - no, the Puppa All-Star card isn't miscut - I did that when cropping...hehehe...Puppa....

Some dupes...

The only error card keeper in this group is a Brett Hull card:

Definitely Brett's good side. Obviously Hull won the Lady Bing in 1990 which is detailed on the back. The error on the card? It should be the Lady Bing Memorial Trophy - small difference, but a difference nonetheless.

Last but not least...

Pack #2:

Yes - purposely upside down. The question is - if the front is printed in a different direction from the rest - error, variation or neither. After scanning it here, I am leaning towards variation - possibly error, depending on if it was corrected. Likely just a printing error, but I think I am going to move it to error/variants anyway. Cool - I like print errors - especially where backs are half printed, not printed, or the wrong back given the front.

Errors from this pack...

Another excellent pack or errors.

Lastly...the dupes...

Shouldn't be a surprise to start seeing more dupes as we get more and more cards from the set.

Pack #3:

Another good number of adds - especially getting a couple more all-star subset cards. Still don't like the grey accenting on Blues cards.

A bunch of error cards:

John V. generally took some good photos, and this is a fair example of it.

Lastly, the dupes...

Overall, I think the last pack ends up being the best given the number of keepers...though it was short a Leaf.

Enjoy the rest of your Canada Day (or preparing for your July 4th celebrations)!

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