Monday, July 31, 2017

Introducing Quad Wars!

I, like anyone else, enjoys opening a box of cards and having fun opening packs. It's usually very hard to make the boxes last though as once you open one pack, you tend to blast through the whole box. Fun to do, but kinda goes by quickly.

So I wanted to think of a way to make it last a bit more fun. In a normal week, I'll take a day to go through each of the four stacks of packs and see which ends up ahead and figure out something to do on the Friday - okay, this is a bit of a work in process.

So what are we doing this week for the first go around? Well, something a bit quirky as the Ultimate Trading Card Company didn't last long, didn't do much, and if you look at their 90 card 1991 set - had horrible photography. That said, with this set based on the original 6 teams, I find the set overall, much nicer.

Box Top:

Box Bottom:
It appears there is only the single type of box bottom, so this would be a complete set of the four cards.


So what is the set? 1991-92 Ultimate Original Six is made up of a 100 card base set to begin with. Before opening any packs here, I have 24 cards from the set already. Here are couple examples:



Very basic lay out for the card fronts, as well as the back, but hitting everything that a card needs to with a clear name on the front, stats on the back with a nice newspaper like blurb.

So the interesting thing about this particular box is, on opening it, there were only three of the four stacks of packs. Not sure how it happened, but since it was about $5 - not overly concerned, assuming I end up with the 100 base set - which we should see over the next few days I hope.

There appear to be a couple Bobby Hull chase insert hologram/autograph cards. Doubt those will come up, but you never know.

Since we only have three stacks, looks like 8 packs tomorrow, 9 on Wednesday and 9 on Thursday with, as I say, the hopes of a complete base set and some extra Leaf cards. Which of the three...quad stacks will be best? We will see!

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