Saturday, July 8, 2017

Pack Attack - Dollarama 15 - Bringin' Some Change

Well let's take a look at another quick dollar store pickup - hopefully this one is on the upswing from the last couple. For a buck, can't really go wrong, I know, but still - would b nice to come out with cards I at least don't have.

Wasn't expecting a 2012 Upper Deck card to be a dupe, but so be it.


Rookie card of a great goalie, a nice pick up.

1997-98 Upper Deck - a set I've seen little of, and an ok design - very middling of the road in my opinion.

Some more Rangers star power. I find the backs a bit unique in this set as it provides the stats for the last year in a team by team versus nature.

1992-93 Ultra standard fare, but one I didn't have yet.

See plenty of these from the Santa Lot, but this was still a need....looking good so far...

Siilar to 1997-98, I don't have much in the way of 1997-98, so this was an easy add since I had all of a handful of this set (and pretty much still do).

These cards would be so much better if the name wasn't part of the logo shiny mess in the corner...still, didn't have this one either.

I wonder if the greyhounds traveled by the bus by the same name...

I like the clean design of the set for 2013-14 Score.

Sets already completed...

Yay - there is my parallel/insert I always hope for out of these.

Huh, a second card from the same set - usually doesn't happen much in these packs. this is an insert for a set which is generally minor keep or not to keep...sigh...I think this is a keeper for now...

Well, overall, a good one with 9 keepers plus the two insert/parallels.

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