Sunday, July 23, 2017

The collector in me is jealous of my son...

Very jealous....I think he must have a horseshoe implanted in his...well....somewhere....

I think I have mentioned on here a couple times that he is just getting into Pokemon cards and because he enjoys Pokemon, has learned the basics of the game. He will likely get into it more in the next year or two from playing against other people.

As he is getting into it, the collector in me wants to help nurture this nicely at his young age of six (may not be the cards I prefer, but the habit starts somewhere), so he has received a few packs and over the last year or so, three tins. For those who do not know, a tin is typically made up of an EX or special card that you know you are getting, plus three or four packs of cards which you cannot see, and an extra online code card if you play the game online.

For the price of $20, the tins which have four packs and the special card, are a great deal at 401games (cheap plug because they are so great compared to the $30 price tag at Walmart). In each of the first two tins, he has come away with a couple good rare cards which basically cover the price of the tin to being with. Then on the third tin recently, he did it again.

Didn't know it at the time per se, but knew which cards to look up. For whoever out there knows what these are, he pulled a MewTwo EX and Umbreon GX. Needless to say, he was happy with the tin. He isn't old enough to know their value when pulling the cards, but given they definitely look special, he knows they are something good and is happily excited to pull them.

I need to have that kind of luck...may ask my wife to have him just buy me cards for my birthday or Christmas this year...

So, without him, I picked up two surprise bags at Dollarama because I needed a couple small containers, and might as well get a few cards as well - let's see if I was able to get anything useful when picking all by myself.

Bag number 1 included a small container and...

While the second contained a small container and....

So let's open them and see what the cards contained.

Bag #1

Putting the cards together from the three, these are the keepers. Obviously heavy on the goalies, and best to me is the 2006-07 Parkhurst Dion card. A nice retro set.

Would have been nicer to have more Leaf content, but atleast I got the one.

I thought I may have lucked out and got a need filled on the 2011-12 Victory set, but I did have Luongo. I am not actively looking to finish the set, but it is somewhere on the backburner because I am only around 75% done.

Bag #2

The keepers from Bag #2 remind me of the Parkhurst Original Six team sets - need to look into the Toronto set of these...

No Leafs, but at least one kinda insert...

Then, the dupes...

Not surprising, but not thrilled to see 1990 Bowman and 1991 7th Inning cards. Well, if nothing else, at least I got the containers I needed...

Yeah - that's about my luck, nowhere near as awesome as my son.


  1. As you probably already know, you'll never pull a really good card from those Dollarama packs - I find they're more so great for nostalgia and to kick the can with for a buck.

    Is it wrong that I've been tempted to rip a pack of Pokemon cards regardless if I haven't watched the show or played the game in nearly 20 years? I only know the first 151 Pokemon and a handful from the second generation.

    The images on the cards look pretty cool.

    1. Yeah, I never expect too much from the dollar store grabs anyway, but for the same purpose, and the odd Leaf I see showing.

      I am the same, knew a bit about the first q5q, no idea beyond that. Some of them are pretty good looking though.