Saturday, July 29, 2017

Pack Attack - Dollarama 15

Yup, another of these. I have a couple more to look at, but unless they get a bit better, I will probably just leave it to the $2 surprise bags as the 15 cards for $1 just haven't been quite as good as I hoped lately.

So the good news is that we do have more than half the cards being keepers, with a couple semi-inserts. First the non-insert keepers...

To be honest, I got the pack because of Filip being on the front - great young player who has done well for himself thus far I'd say. Otherwise, would be nice if the 1990 were O Pee Chee instead of Topps since my O Pee Chee set is much further along that the Topps version.

These are the inserts, and considering I now have 6 of the 20 cards in this set - I gather I might get half way to the set soon if the last couple packs I picked up end up having similar cards.

As for the duplicates, all the usual suspects show up here...

OK overall, nothing spectacular to write home about, but still enjoy the opening and looking over the cards, like opening any new pack with the unknown inside!

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