Monday, August 7, 2017

Quad Wars 1991 O Pee Chee Premier Baseball - Top Left

I had enough fun with the first box, I though I wouldn't bother waiting to get into the second - even though I may be a bit disappointed not to end up with the 1991 Ultimate Original 6 base set completed right from the packs.

The good of this box....I only actually need 7 cards to complete the small, 132 card set. So why did I want the box? I find that this is a good set and I'll be able to send a number of these cards off to fellow traders, so...I'm doing it for you! See how giving I am....sarcasm included!

So, no inserts in the set either so all that we are looking for are getting those missing seven cards, and getting dupes of Jays. Could always luck out with a misprint or two, but there don't appear to be any straight "error cards".

So let's see what today's stack of 9 packs get us (4 stacks, 9 packs each).

These are the cards that brought my set up to 130 of 132 - only two cards needed still - Albert Belle and George Brett.

It is a fairly basic design, especially for a "Premier" brand. The pics are pretty good though, and the set has a high Blue Jays influence (15 of 132 cards!).

These are the Jays I got in the first stack.

Better collation here - 63 cards in the 9 packs, and no dupes among them. That is the way any box should ideally be.

If I do pull the two remaining base cards, I might just stop there and save the rest of the packs for trade. First though, have to actually get those two cards...let's see if they show up tomorrow.


  1. I liked the 1991 design a lot more than the 1992 design..

    1. That's my preference as well - definitely '91.