Sunday, May 27, 2018

Pack Attack - 2013 Triple

Why are you here?

Well since you are, the best part of this post will be a quick update on my goal for the year which was to trade away 5,000 cards. Well, I have a box going out on Monday with close to a thousand cards. Along with a number of small PWE trades, the total for the year stands at 3,258, so I am making good headway!

Anyway, back to the question - why are you here?

I am because I always am, good or bad - but you have a yourself!

If you have not heeded my warning, well, join me as we suffer through 5 packs of 2013 Panini Triple Play baseball "cards" today. Having gone through these packs a few times in similar cases - getting them in assorted pack boxes - I know to expect the disappointment.

Hopefully I haven't oversold this amazing time we are about to have, sarcasm also included in excess.

Pack #1

They can't even use a different graphic between the base card and the sticker At least I got a Jays card out of this one, so I will take that as a good start with Dickey.

Pack #2

A Pre-Toronto David Price card is as close as we get to a Toronto card here. Dud of a pack.

Pack #3

I can live with the soul stealing direct star All Star cards if I had to pick something of interest out of the set. Also, at least the Triple Play card is a card and not a sticker.

Pack #4

Sweet - a second Jays card - so overall, I don't think this can be much better for the extremely low expectations.

Pack #5

Well, at least we end with a "bang". These hits have been beaten on by everyone, so I don't feel I need to add to the fire. This is supposed to be a set for young kids, and Panini assumed young kids won't care where a jersey came from (maybe Walmart in this case....). Still, I can at least put it with the other "hit" from this set I have I guess.....hidden away at the back of somewhere.

Well, a little better than I expected, which is like giving a rating of 2 out of 10 when you expect a 1 out of 10.

Tomorrow can't be much worse hey, silver lining!


  1. I know I've said this before, but I feel bad for the trees that died to make this set.

    1. Hard to think of a worse fate for a tree....

    2. Indeed. Even toilet paper is useful

  2. at least the Dickey shows you the knuckleball grip

    1. Good point - having pointed that out, I am surprised they actually picked up the detail.

  3. I have really hated on the Triple Play cards. However, oddly enough they are growing on me. I think it's because I'm working on the Ichiro puzzle, and a girl can always use extra eye blacks. ;)