Tuesday, March 2, 2021

4 in 3

 So for a third day in a row, we have another complete base set of 1990 Topps The Simpsons. Since we saw those in full, no need to show them again today (or the single extra card which got stuck in the shuffle, so instead - how about some inserts from the set?

How about the full set of insert stickers?

The other side of the stickers (which I didn't scan), are different chalkboard scenes with Bart, and these stickers are generally, classic Simpsons moments.

Does everyone remember "Do The Bartman"? It actually went to number 1 in a number of countries, which just goes to show the appeal of the show worldwide.

Classic Simpsons quotes with "Why you little..." and "I'm Bart Simpson, Who The Hell Are You?".

Will just stick these aside with the full base set and wrap this one up. It actually means a complete master set, since this was the only insert set, which is pretty cool too.

We will end with another envelope from reader Ken!

We start with a few familiar faces from 1987 Donruss...

Add in a couple new Topps Gold cards from 1992, and also from 1992...

Some real Winners! Always thought Howard Johnson made for a decent photo as well as a decent hotel chain.

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  1. The sticker set is cool. Congratulations on landing a complete master set of The Simpsons.