Monday, March 22, 2021

A Smudgin' Surprise

 Well this is a surprise...

I was not expecting there to be any "hits" in this lot. I know, the auto is smudged - well actually, I think it is where he notes his number, but smudged regardless.

This is the first in hand smudge auto I have seen, so it made me wonder how typical that is.

Apparently, more typical than you might expect. I guess not a total surprise, as much as you might want every auto to be perfect, smudging happens. I would assume it may decrease the value compared to an unsmudged version, but no way of knowing if it was this way when signed, or was this way in packaging, or smudged after the fact by someone having it in hand. I'd like to think it was this way from the get go.

What is the worst smudged auto you have seen, either in hand or online? This one really isn't that bad since it is basically the jersey number only that is smeared at the end.

Another dabble of new cards for the Swedish base set gets us to about 180 of 220....

The rest is some more dabbling in 1994 and 1995 basketball cards with German and French languages covered again.

Mugsy also looks pretty covered by Larry - really shows the size difference and Mugsy's stature.

Not only a nice overhead David Robinson, but a Raptors card with the excellent "i love this game" subset.


  1. Like the LJ / Mugsy, Olajuwon, Ewing, and Spud.

    Moses really bounced around at the end of his career.

  2. Nice auto even with the number smudge. Maybe some OCD collector tried to "fix" the number thinking it was wrong.

  3. That is really weird to see that smudge only affecting the number portion of the signature, I know I've never seen anything like that before.

  4. I have a few smudged autos in my collection. One of them is a Kevin Durant rookie card auto. So bummed. Otherwise it's a sweet card.

    1. Given quality control on regular cards - doesn't surprise me a smudged auto0 would get out - assuming it was done that way initially. I wonder if quality control would even hold up a smudged auto, I mean, some signatures these days look worse than a smudge anyway...