Thursday, March 11, 2021

Checking Out The Gun Show

 Upper Deck and Young Guns inserts are nothing new. It has become a huge deal the last few years as rookie frenzies became a thing for collectors and investors alike.

The 1992-93 Upper Deck keepers today start with a bunch of regular base but then...

also get into the Young Guns section. All three of the ones here, after the checklist, ended up being solid NHLers, though I'd say Hamrlik is my fave of the three.

The design isn't as nice as the base set in my opinion, and generally the young gun subset these days is designed slightly better with the normal base set design in mind - but what do you think? Would you prefer a same design and maybe just a designation like Topps and the "RC"?

The rest of the pile for today goes into some basketball.

Classic design from 1991-92 Upper Deck, and a Magic Johnson card to boot. Side question - any particular reason an upside down triangle was used for the Upper Deck hologram? I am probably missing something obvious, but I remember hockey being puck shapes and baseball being a circle like a baseball.

No surprise to see more dupes with the 1992-93 Upper Deck set in here as well, but works for me...a little Nordiques heavy though...


  1. I like the Young Guns subset being used as UD's rookie card. I'm actually surprised that the earlier Young Guns cards of guys like Fedorov, Bure, and Lidstrom haven't soared in popularity. My only complaint (and I'm not really complaining) is that those early UD sets had so many different subsets containing rookie cards (Canada Cup, Soviet Stars, Star Rookies, World Junior Tournament, Number 1 Draft Picks, and I'm sure there were a few more I'm missing).

    1. True with all the added interest these days - these old Young Guns haven't bloomed the way other cards have. I can only assume the overproduction is still keeping it down, even if there is a bit more demand.