Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Set Assistance

 Today's pull of cards from the 20 in 20 lot are circa 1992-93 Upper Deck.

Not new to the Leaf collection, but this is a set I have in "slow build" mode already, so happy to ensure I get a copy for that. What I didn't know, and found out here was that there are two different holograms for these cards - one with just the Upper Deck logo, and one with the logo and "Upper Deck" text also as the light changes the hologram reflection.

For my set build, I don't care which of the two versions I get, but for my Leaf collection, I will have to go through my cards at some point and check what I do and don't have as I would want to have copies of each because I am particular like that.

As I say, this set is a set build, so these are the keepers out of the bunch today. Classic early 90s Upper Deck design, and that's a good thing. It may be a bit minimalist, but puts the focus on the player which still doing a good job of providing clear name and team logo on the front.

As you can tell, the Senators here had not yet started playing - at least not this incarnation of the team. The senators were a team from 1917 through 1934, and a successful one at then. Was just a small hiatus until their return almost 60 years later.

The rest of what appear to be the chunk of 1994 Flair baseball, and the 1992-93 Upper Deck hockey had a run of cards which included some dupes, and some cards I already had, no problems there.

Before parting for today - something Magic related to share. As I am running out of sources for unopened Magic packs that I am missing, when looking at my usual sources, one of the more recent ones added has been Troll and Toad. I picked up a few packs there before, and there was a Lowryn pack (circa 2007) which is missing my collection - or at least was.

To show how prices are going crazy on old Magic sealed product...I bought this for $37 USD, but when it arrived, the price on the sight had already bumped twice and was at $45 USD. Insane for a 3 week period. I'm torn between it being a bubble and me being better off waiting to get other packs, or getting more now before prices keep skyrocketing in a "now or never" type scenario.

I'll have to check out Card Kingdom next I think. It's a shame there isn't a lot of Canadian options for Magic card old booster packs, and I am working through US options, but still - I have been able to backfill the missing games now that I have booster packs from all expansions current back to 2010. All in, I am still missing 23 booster packs to go all the way back to Revised from 1994. Honestly at this point I think Alpha, Beta, Unlimited, Antiquities and Arabian Nights and Legends are all off my radar unless prices plummet since the cheapest of those is about $1,000 for a single pack of cards.

In peeking around the sight, also found you could buy random silver border cards which would be common or uncommon for a penny each. I like the joke cards, and there are a bunch of artifacts I could still do with, so for $1, I threw in 100 cards...couldn't go wrong!

There are the cards I am keeping - a couple new ones, but mostly copies I do keep since I keep four of each. There were a couple extras that my son quickly took away to his room. Interestingly, all 100 cards I got were uncommons which is cool. Not that any were really valuable, but still, no commons so 100 uncommons for $1 is pretty awesome regardless.

A bit disappointed all are from the most recent set - unstable - but I thought that may be the case given the price and the other grey bordered sets are much older.

I also gave my son a bunch of the rest because I don't see really much trade value in them and he was interested, so maybe it'll keep sparking collecting for him which is just as good.

I did keep basically one of each card to stick in my trade pile, just in case. Old Fashioned Vampyre gave me a chuckle.

Fun cards overall and as I said, for a penny a card, came out more than alright just on the artifact cards which would have cost me a dime each normally anyway. Might have to grab another 100 on the off chance they are not just Unstable set cards next time.


  1. Hearing about MTG pack prices soaring doesn't surprise me... since Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! packs are selling for crazy money too.

    1. I am just curious to see how much pullback happens when the stimulus money goes away. I am sure that is a part of what is going on...but not all of it.

  2. Are those Cliff Floyd and Marquis Grissom>