Monday, March 8, 2021

Flairing Up

 Saw a little of it yesterday, and a full posting today - 1994 Flair.

You can get hobby boxes these days for about $80 CDN - 24 packs of 10 cards per, keeping in mind the release has a series 1 and a series 2 of 250 and 200 cards respectively (and the price I note was series 1).

Always like seeing Expos as I know a home to send them to.

These cards do a solid job on the double picture fronts - they aren't all perfect, but they are pretty nice and stand out.

The checklists are pretty nice and easy to read, as well as not being crammed into one or two cards, the set is done by team and on...

Three cards, front and back which complete the 250 first series. Happily get my first Jay card from series 1, and only the second from this set as a whole. Maybe because they were a more premium product back in the day, less people had them for trade then...and maybe just still not seeing as much in my trading circles for whatever reason.

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