Sunday, March 14, 2021

The Germans Are Here

 Today's venture into cards from the lot, take us into basketball mostly, and a familiar look...

Classic Collector's Choice design, and a nice start with David Robinson and end with Dee Brown. I had a friend in high school who loved Dee Brown and always wanted to play like him - only reason I know the name Dee Brown. Then we turn over some of the cards...

As you can see, multiple languages so okay...I'm no language major so off to TCDB we go. My first guess was German, and lo and behold, it is.

Definitely unusual, and cool at the same time. Not cards I ever would have come across otherwise.

\Ha - we even end these cards with another Robinson.

Next set up...

Again, classic 1995-96 Upper Deck design - it is really nice in some ways, when the company uses the same design across products.

Sweet - we even get a cameo from the reason I watched NBA Inside Stuff through the 90s - the only time I really kept up with it much at all - sorry Ahmad, it was Willow I watched for!

Save for the last card being Grant Hill, the rest were more German cards...wait...nope, first few are actually - language lessons must be had here..., all base though different subsets. Interesting how much they shrink down the write ups to fit two languages. Makes you appreciate how much bigger the writing is when it is solely in English!

Oh...and we end with...

A meal.


  1. I remember Dee Brown from his dunk contest win. He covered his eyes with one arm while dunking with the other, the first contestant to try a "no-look" slam. He was one-upped the next year by Cedric Ceballos, who nearly ran the length of the court to dunk while wearing a blindfold.

  2. NBA Inside Stuff was a great show. Loved Willow Bay.

  3. Pancake blocks. Ha.

    My foreign language card stash is kind of weak, though I have a few.

    The two David Robinsons win this round. Both are a bit unusual for a center. Driving from the outside like a guard and shooting a baseline jumper like a forward.