Tuesday, March 30, 2021

A Little Bronzer

 Always fun to come across first time sets represented, and here is another one.

1992-93 Fleer basketball has a nice gold border akin to late 90s Topps baseball. I have to say, I like the right side banners for the name, and using the team colours, as well as the fact that the cards semm to be in order of team and alphabetical as far as the base set checklist goes.

You also get a nice Kemp over Ewing shot for the Kemp card.

Good to see coach cards included, always appreciate their getting recognition as I think at times, the talent on the court gets more credit than they should sometimes.

A great example to me in recent years would be Kawhi. I think the coaching in Toronto, and the way he was played, and the role he had with the team, helped make him and the team, champions. It just wasn't repeatable with the Clippers. Partially, that was due to the different talents on the team, but also in how Kawhi was used.

Oh 7th Inning Sketch, how I really don't enjoy you all that much. These cards are minor league and very much look the role...pass.

We end with some more silver Upper Deck football including Air McNair and at least a Bruce Smith card which I can pass along to a Bills collector.


  1. I always enjoyed the look of that Fleer basketball set.

  2. That Michael Adams card is cool. He sure has hops. Cool Hardaway cameo too.

  3. I have always loved the 1992-93 Fleer set. I completed it a couple years ago, it's easily in my top 10 all time favorite NBA sets

    1. I can see why - solid set from the looks of it.

  4. Kevin McHale guest appearance on the Harvey Grant. Bird on the Tyrone Corbin.

    Sam Mills wins the round though. Defensive player with the ball.

  5. I used to have tons of that '92-93 Fleer set. Haven't seen some of these cards you showed in 25+ years.

  6. That Fleer set is one I always flip flop on. I like the basketball texture just wish the design was different. Jeff Malone and Jerry Sloan. Solid Jazz representation. And Horace's brother Harvey! Not familiar with the football set but it looks good. If they'd waited one second that photo might have been Bruce Smith running over that running back. Good post.

  7. I loved that Fleer set as a kid, and still love it now!