Friday, March 12, 2021

No Hate-Mongering Here

 Okay, well, maybe one hate-monger...

Apparently having the power to control and structure the bigotry and hate of others, there have been a few different villains with the name over the years, apparently.

Don't worry, this isn't an area of interest to me, so I had to do a little digging to find a bit of info on this, beyond what was on the card.

I do find it really neat having cards like this show up in these types of lot buys, they do provide more intrigue and variety.

Nothing like having your draft picks holding a basketball in front of a plain background. Not the most interesting of pictures, but a bunch of draft pick cards at the start of the 1991-92 Upper Deck set.

We also get a couple of the stay in school related cards as well - these were definitely a thing in the early 90s.

As for the rest of the cards today, nothing to keep but...

More 7th Inning hockey cards which have photos which, in many cases, look more like they came out of the late 70s.


  1. At least the Larry Johnson had some character to it. Been nice if the rest had something like that.

    1. Agreed. Anything more than just "stare straight on at the camera in case we need to use this for a card".