Friday, March 19, 2021

Set Prospecting

 Today, a bunch of cards from a familiar set..

This set as a whole is only 220 cards, and with these, I am over 100 base cards done. Will have to consider keeping it if I end up just a couple cards short, but for now, we just leave it for prospecting.

Speaking of prospecting, let's take a look at these top starts and see if any crossed the pond and spent time in the NHL.

Berglund came across and played 86 games over a few different seasons with New Jersey.

Jimmie Olverstad did a bit better, 111 games over a couple years with Tampa Bay.

Pierre Hedin made it to the NHL for 3 games in 2003-04, with Toronto no less.

Last, and most NHL successful, Christian Backman who played over 300 games, most of which were with the Blues.

It is a pretty good looking set...kind of want it to be a complete set so I have a reason to keep it and just stick it away somewhere...


  1. I have some doubles of this set if you end up needing just few.

    1. Cool...will see where we end up on whether it's worth doing/keeping...