Thursday, March 25, 2021

Cleaned Up

 Sticking with some more basketball first in the ards today, a set from earlier, except these cards are in good condition.

1993-94 Upper Deck base cards here. We saw a bunch earlier which were stuck to each other and the fronts were all damaged on the 200 plus cards unfortunately. These ones look nice and sharp, including the Mailman.

Seeing a lot of Sir Charles in these basketball cards, including the 1994-95Collector's Choice German card here. These backs are pretty nice, just wish they would do full stats, like I appreciate on any cards.

Another couple Mailman cards here as well - he really seems to deliver!

Last up, another new set...

1996 Upper Deck Football. An inoffensive design, even if it is a bit on the excessive side as far as foiling goes. Good use of space on the front.

Solid design for the back as well. Not sure if I'd rather have more picture, or more spaced out stats as some of the stats seem too squeezed.

We get some solid star power out of Dallas to end with Aikman and Irwin - no complaints there!

1 comment:

  1. The 93-94 Upper Deck Karl Malone wins the round. Tough to beat a star player dunking.

    Grew up in northern California, so the Mitch Richmond is a good get. Laimbeer's a good one too.

    Hate the Cowboys. Ty Law was good.