Sunday, March 28, 2021

Baby Got Back

 Lo and behold, some more 1998 Sports Illustrated Then and Now cards and as promised, here are the backs which are not your standard backs.

Very unique to have input and and ratings from HOFers on the current players. Not sure if I am more piqued by the 4 or 5 ratings, or if it is the 2 ratings.

Some do make sense though as I never considered Andres to be speedy. As for a 5/5 on the others, there was a time, though I don't think it was too many years, but that I could believe those rating too.

I do wonder if they just put their names to it, or asked for the feedback.

Some more 1996 Upper Deck Silver football cards - personal fave of the bunch would be the couple Marcus Allen cards. This is near then end of his career - most of which was with LA, before the final few years in KC.

I still look at this set as an early version of Chrome.


  1. I wonder if anyone had a 15 baseball rating on the back of their SI card... and who holds the honor of the least baseball.

  2. Tim Brown and Marshall Faulk are my favorites.

  3. Those SI backs are certainly interesting, thanks for showing them off!