Monday, March 29, 2021

Maybe a "B"

I talked a couple days ago about sets that I am not collecting, but that may show up enough in this lot of cards that they get themselves onto "the list", and today I think we may have one of these, but only time will tell.

1993-94 Pinnacle Canadian is a decent looking set, and of course has the two languages as it is a bilingual set. The black borders is an issue for condition, but it isn't a set that I need to have pristine cards for, so these should do...just have to see if there is enough in quantity for the 500+ card set, so make it worth adding to the list.

I left these as first scanned to show one other quality of these cards...they are darn slippery! I guess the good news is that it has helped to ensure they haven't bricked together over time, but a bit of a pest in scanning as you can see.

Also fun scanning point...bottom row we have Sweeny Todd...ha!

I only have a few cards from this set otherwise, a few Leafs,a nd a few currently in my trade piles, so will probably need a good 100-200 more to make it worth keeping these.

Next up...

A couple usual suspects from what we have been going through recently.

Truth be told, I am likely going to move most of what I don't keep to a certain online pal who may use them in his if there is anything of interest from these, possible they may already be spoken for, but doesn't hurt to ask, just let me know!

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  1. I have nearly the entire 1993-94 Pinnacle (American) set, just need that pesky Gretzky at the end.

    It's always neat to see Chris Webber Bullets cards.