Sunday, March 21, 2021


 Another day of continued push for more Swedish hockey cards!

This set is growing on me. I like the ordering even, team by team, which makes it easier to follow, and nicer to see when looking at the set in a binder. As I mentioned, the design is very MVP and in a good way.

Even the uniforms in all their colourful glory are growing on me.

Okay, the SHL Talent cards don't need all the 90s design lines and such in the background of these last cards, but overall, that's a small complaint really.

So we are up to 180 of the 220 cards for the set. Getting close. Again, not one I'd really put aside to work on, but if I do end up with a complete set...I'd probably keep it.

Guess we will see in the next couple days if it gets any further...but before I go...

What about you - wat set have you found that has grown on you the more you see it in hand, or over time. For baseball 1986 Topps is another that comes to mind, though I know many still dislike it.