Monday, March 1, 2021

The Simpsons Are Back

 Yesterday, we took a look at the 1990 Topps The Simpsons set, well, more of the same today, but let's look at the backs because - we have a full second complete set.

The back is almost half/half between trivia questions and a large puzzle. Here are the various trivia questions...

If you are a fan, should be fairly easy to get 90% or more of them as most are not too difficult.

As for the pieces of the puzzle, a handful of cards have a picture of the entire thing as a guide, so I can show you it...

The actual puzzle is 10 cards by 4 cards big - slid size, and not bad use of the back, though the trivia would have been fine on all the cards as well.

I wouldn't normally keep a second set, but my son saw them and asked me to keep a set for him later. He's only 10 (and like me at that age, isn't allowed to watch the Simpsons), so I am sure he will get into it a bit in a few years, and that'll be fine, so, aside this goes for him, for later.

Let's end with a surprise PWE from PapG321 with a few Leaf goodies...

I don't know if Dan used the new matching feature in TCDB or not, but all three are Leafs I didn't have, which is great. That new matching feature, which matches to want lists on both sides, and let's you know how many cards you can trade each way, is awesome. Sure, doesn't mean they are "fair" of course, but let's you know who you have a bunch of matches with to make something happen. A great feature if you haven't seen it yet on the site.

As for these three cards - awesome additions, thank you kindly. 

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  1. I like the Simpson card backs more than the fronts... and the puzzle is a nice collage.