Friday, May 21, 2021

A Sweet Complete

 Though I never necessarily intend to buy complete sets when I get a lot of cards, sometimes it happens. Not a bad thing, but I know some people find it different than chasing a set.

I love trading to complete sets, absolutely, and when I buy lots like this, I'm happy if I happen to finish a set I was working on. Sure, as it happens, I have all the cards in this lot, but really, I only "needed" about half, so the rest didn't matter. Would it have been different if 10 or 20 of the cards were missing? Doesn't feel that way to me.

We continue with the star rookies in the low 400 numbers of the cards. Those Chicago uniforms remind me very much of one of the Ottawa Senator alternate jerseys not too long ago I believe.

Some other really good stars here with Guerin and that Martin Brodeur. That Martin again, one that makes me feel old....

Okay, this is a subset that should be in any proper set - award winners from the season. I think it's a great way to get stars in a set multiple times, and it also helps to highlight the big accomplishments 

These are from the high number series as we get to the cards numbered over 440. Some great lines of the times. Not sure I think these types of subsets are really necessary, but when you are doing an update or high number release, need to pad those card numbers sometimes!

Shall see if we get the rest of those as well, but at least for these, there is only one hologram on an the high numbered cards.


  1. Those 90's Penguins lines were crazy. I guess Jagr didn't play on the Lemieux and Stevens line until the 1992-93 season. But that's still a pretty cool card.

    1. Pittsburgh had some nice lines. It's one thing to have a solid duo, but having a three man line that worked well as a unit was a great thing when you could get it.