Thursday, May 6, 2021

Another One Completed!

 As per the title - we get through card 500 from the set, and the few missing cards are ones I happened to have, so we can knock the 500 card "text hologram" set off as done for the collection.

The only missing card from 400-500 was another Brett Hull card, which I happened to have luckily.

DO get a few more Leaf dupes for the collection as well...

I'll leave it at that quick wrap for today - sometimes it's nice to enjoy the little successes of a complete set. May not have been the most exciting end, but doesn't have to be.

Does make me wonder....what was your most memorable set completion? This isn't one of mine...still working on the one I know it will be, but hope to share that maybe later this year, fingers crossed. It isn't a large or expensive set, just one I really like.


  1. Congrats on completing the set!

    1. Always nice to complete one...even in this "finding" fashion.