Monday, May 24, 2021

Back To Collecting

 Been a while, but we get back to some baseball cards out of the lot...and a couple familiar sets.

1996 Collector's Choice baseball. Really liking the set the more I get. I know it's "low end", but it's straightforward and hits all the basis of decent photography, minimal intrusion with the design, interesting enough backs.

Heck, the non-bordered cards at the start are nice team checklists which are included too (and we know I like those).

As seems to be the case, when we find 1996, we seem to also find some 1997 cards as well.

Not sure who exactly I would expect not to see in this set, but do get the All-Star cards, so that's one that is here that may not be...similar to the rookie cards. Might still be missing some, but at least nothing missing in spades.

Nice Juan Gonzalez card on the Post-Season Celebration card - hadn't seen that one before.

Did well batting .750 in the cards today, but there were some dupes...

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  1. Good looking cards. Love seeing Braves World Series cards. Oh the memories... So many good players but my favorite card has to be the Dalton. Never seen him in the field. He rarely played in the field and it is nice the catch what I think is a young fan in the foreground. Good post.