Saturday, May 8, 2021

Da na na na na na na na....

After a big set like we had the last few days, nice to get a solid variety in pulling cards from the lot for today.

We had a few cards from this set show earlier, but enough here to talk about them some more. This is the first series out of 1989 Topps on the Batman movie. Apparently there was a second series as well - since 132 cards and 22 stickers were apparently not enough!

In no way am I knocking the movie - personally, it was a really good movie. I am not a big superheroes type fan, haven't watched a lot of the Marvel movies, etc, but did watch Batman as a kid in the 90s and enjoyed it for what it was.

Now, did it need a card set? Well, since everything late 80s or early 90s did, absolutely!

The card themselves are fine with what seems to be essentially a telling of the movie spread out on the backs of the cards as they can be put together to tell the entire movie by reading the cards in order. An interesting concept for the cards I guess.

Next up...

The funny thing is, this card sticks out to me because it was an early pick up from trading on TCDB. I see it, and it is associated with how much finding and using TCDB expanded my collection - both literally from trading, but also in enjoyment from those I connected with there and even the fun of tracking my collection.

Still a unique enough insert, and a pre-Jays days Frank Thomas to go with Alomar - solid card, and not opened either so unscratched game card too.

Some variety of other keepers today as well...

Other than a couple one offs from 1993 Fleer and 1994 Studion, a bunch more Collectors Choice cards.

Nice to end with another Griffey card from the subset which interestingly enough, discusses the difference between an insert set and subset...forget Bo....Griffey Knows Baseball Cards!

A handful of hockey keepers with the last being most interesting to me. Having picked up a box of this Pacific set from Dave and Adams that I opened last year, this was a good need. If there is a bunch more, I may get a good chunk of the remaining 35% or so of the base set...or maybe this will be the only one...

Sure, there's some Collectors Choice baseball and Score Canadian hockey dupes, but some other interesting cards I just happen to not need.

Any McD card, even if I already have it, is fine to see again with Paul Coffey, and I am starting to grow a soft spot for any of the multitude of late 90s and early 2000 Pacific sets and the varied designs.

Cool bunch today...

No more cards to share, but while I work through this lot, there was another lot put out by the same guy. I wasn't going to bother with it, but asked about a smaller lot he had up, but it was spoken for, so I ended up asking for a different lot - $120 for about 12-15k cards. I figure that will be my next "to do" once I get through this lot, but no rush at all. I mean, given the current environment, and lack of availability of cards, I figure this was a good way to ensure I have card stuffs to look through until the end of 2022 give or take!


  1. There are only two movies I've ever stood in line for hours before: The Phantom Menace... and Batman (1989). I know there has been bigger hype around movies in history, but personally this would top my list. My friends and I were pumped to see Jack Nicholson play the Joker.

  2. If Topps made that Batman the Movie set today, you'd get no stills from the movie, just from the trailer and publicity shots, and virtually no write up on the back!