Thursday, May 27, 2021

Welcome Back

 Today, a bunch more 2005-06 Upper Deck Victory, which are great...

However, let's focus on the backs today, and here are some for example...

Fairly standard back, which is to be expected, and isn't necessarily a bad thing. I will always give full stat points when the entire career stats are shown. It always bothers me when you get the last few years only for a long career - I want to see it all! Good use of team colours, and like the extra photo - except is just the front photo cropped.

The write ups are pretty standard too, which is fine - that's what I would want in this set.

I forget how many good players Dallas had during this time - that's a great 5 right there, and Detroit was solid too.

With two goes, already getting near 50% on the base set which is excellent!

Well, can't all be new, so here are the dupes...

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