Sunday, May 30, 2021

That's What She Said

 This is a big one.

I've said before that I generally end up staying away for 600+ card sets - see O Pee Chee from any year as an example. That said, if I can get more than halfway on a set from a lot like this, I'll take up the challenge.

We continue on then, with seeing just how far I can get with this set of 1993-94 Score Canadian, but let's highlight the Leafs first.

Always up for a Gilmour, and another new one at that. I am a bit surprised that it is only the 119th different Douggie card I have in my collection, but I have to remember, it wasn't his whole career in Toronto, and cards didn't really take off on the parallels and inserts until the Sundin era here really.

Apparently we can't always get the date of birth right for a player, so Crossman goes into the error binder.

As for the rest of the keepers...a plenty bunch here!

As you can see, a solid back design and with the dual language, easy to see with the separated paragraphs for English and French at the bottom. I like the close up and different photo for the back, and the team logo being here instead of taking up front real estate. Full stats always a plus too, as are team colours.

There are still enough missing cards between what is here, not sure if someone else took out their needs for completing a set or what, but it's more than just the odd star or hall of famer.

Never going to complain when I pull 50 cards and only have a single dupe...


  1. This set has a well designed card back. Congratulations on adding 49 out of 50 new cards to the set build.