Monday, May 31, 2021

At His Peak

Unfortunately, his peak was early and didn't last long... 

The best of Rob in the NHL was over the 199-2-93, and 1993-94 seasons with Toronto. After this, he ended up with a short sting in Washington and parts of two seasons in St. Louis. Again, I am a bit biased in remembering him decently because these two seasons, Toronto made the playoffs in both years, coming up just short of Stanley Cup Final births both years.

As these were during my childhood (I as 12-13 at the time and watching every Leaf game), I remember almost every player fondly and fairly vividly, incluiding Rob.

Looking back at your childhood - are there any players you remember unequally to their actual impact on the game or their team?

I swear, as much as Sergei Samsonov seemed to show up in everything 2000s I touch, everything 90s seems to be Doug Wilson with the Sharks.

Another solid day of set additions overall, and only a few dupes...

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