Saturday, May 15, 2021

Lonely...oh so Lonely...

 Sometimes when pulling through an assorted lot of cards, you don't get too much. That's where we are at today. Just a single card I am keeping in the bunch - at this point.

A single base set helper out of 1992 Upper Deck baseball. Sure Rob only managed 3 hits over 25 at bats in his major league career, but he is still important to complete the set.

Wasn't the only card from the set either today, just the only one I needed.

I will admit that the 1992-93 Bowman design was a bit washed out, and the "B" as a logo isn't my favourite, but the glossy card stock was nice at least.

1992-93 Topps Basketball. A solid design, exactly like that of the baseball counterpart, though no gold parallels here. Great design, and some great players as we go through...

The Glide and The Mailman deliver as all star players...

Reggie Miller before he decided to cut the hair (a good decision by the way).

We even get a couple football cards, but my surprise for the day...more Star Trek cards...

Move the headshots a little more to the left and you have some cards screaming for autographs. These are from the 1992 Star Trek TNG set, different from the set we saw the other day.

These are fine, but really could see a set with all the characters with space for autos...still...very blue cards...but very cool.

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  1. Those Pro Set art cards were cool. Wish they had the player name on the front though. Looks like Andre Rison.