Friday, May 14, 2021

Boldly Going...

I was always a Star Trek fan. I have grown to enjoy Star Wars as well, and the two can co-exist in fandom, but Star Trek was my first interest.

I remember as a kid of 8-9 years old, Saturday mornings at my grandparents while my mom and grandmother went out shopping, one of the shows on I'd watch was the original Star Trek series in reruns. About the same time, Next Generation was in the first couple seasons, but I didn't get to start watching it until the early 90s, shortly after I then watched all of Deep Space Nine and Voyager.

 Anyway, my point is, whether I get a set to keep or just ditch these cards, really cool to take a look at them.

These are 1991 Impel 25th Anniversary Star Trek cards. Obviously, they highlight both Star Trek and Next Generation. The backups discuss some of the major events/episodes, and the fronts highlight many of the memorable  characters and moments, as well as ships.

Very cool little set - will have to see if more show up in the lot.

There are some decent keepers though today...

Always happy with picking up another Gilmour card - though this one did end up with a little damage on the back. Would love to get a good clean one, but this does fine for keeping regardless.

We get two set helpers for 1992 Upper Deck baseball, but not the only baseball keepers...

Awesome food issue cards from Pepsi. I have the Jays and maybe one other, but would love to get more of this 30 card set out of 1992! As a side note - the Glavine card here is the corrected version, there is apparently an error version showing the reverse image on the front.

As for the rest, some damager Pinnacle hockey still...

as well as some other cards that won't be staying...

Took a while for me to remember where that hockey ad card was from (1991-92 Stadium Club hockey). Other than that, some dupe 1992 Upper Deck and basketball as well.

A nicely varied day!


  1. A lot of variety today. I grew up with Star Wars and playing with the ships and action figures. The 1977 Topps cards were the first packs of trading cards I remember opening and SW has been a huge part of my life ever since. That being said... I loved watching ST TNG. Great show. I actually went back and rewatched it a few years ago. And I'll probably watch it again at some point.

    1. I've watched through TNG a couple times in my life and have been getting the itch to do it son's about old enough now to really get something out of might be just enough reason to do it.

  2. I remember trying (and eventually succeeding) to complete that 25th Anniversary set. The set covered some of the comic issues for both shows, and had TNG episodes through part of Season 4. The write ups on the backs were pretty good too.