Monday, July 10, 2023

A Couple More Trades

 As simple as the title says, a couple more TCDB trades to share today - one small baseball, and one small hockey, so let's get to it.

First up, a trade with member RyanFrueh (first time trade partner)

The Raul 2022 Gold Label is my first Jay in that set, as is Cavan for the 2020 holiday Topps set which is very Christmassy with the green and red bordering to go with the snow effect.

Also have to enjoy not knowing who is in a picture with the fast friend cards, as Topps got it wrong in their write up, so...two copies of that one needed so I have one for the error binders.

The second trade comes across from Germany and TCDB member SvenSven.

All great additions, especially with the "not in Leaf uni, but still Leaf card" cards. No completed team sets for any of them, but newer cards which are great helpers, including a nice Joe beard to boot.

Appreciate both trades, and thanks to each as always!

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