Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Top of the Box

 So, this is a little time getting to, but here we have one of the repack "starter" boxes that 401games sells for Magic The Gathering. You get 1,000 cards which include 25 rare or better cards. So, great for variety, great for starter cards, and for me, great for hopefully picking up a few new, and some dupe keepers for my artifact cards and colourless mana producing lands, so let's see what we have...

Not too bad that out of 1,000 we have about 90 keeper cards (or so), and since the box is about $20 with tax, I have a thought to see the cards I am not keeping to end up about even, but will have to see how that part goes later.

Really like that we get a few older cards from 1995 Chronicles with some added Urza land keepers.

All in, there are a couple new for me artifact cards, but a number of the lands here, are the real new additions for me.

I'm just happy that it worked out for a couple of those 25 rare or better cards, ended up being artifacts this time since last time, I was shut out in that regard.

As much as these are great pick ups, I am probably not going to bother doing another for a while. Too much leftovers that I have a hard time trading, though if I can sell it off quickly, maybe another...we shall see!

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