Sunday, July 16, 2023

The Man - The Bat Man

So, before today's post - I have been off on vacation with the family for the last week. Sorry for the posting in advance, though the only thing I really missed that I would have commented on sports wise, is Vladdy Kr. winning the HR derby. Well deserved, though maybe a bit later than when he should have won, but nice that he got it like his daddy.

As for the trip, we headed to Legoland New York by way of Rochester (a couple days and visit to the Strong Museum), a stop through Syracuse (WonderWorks), down through Binghamton and on to Legoland for a couple days. On the return, we went through Watkins Glen for the hike for half a day, into Buffalo which included time at the Buffalo Zoo and some mini putt in between, as well as a Dave & Adam visit.

All was great - and the fam enjoyed it all, but let's talk cards, or better yet, here is a picture of the card haul which wasn't what I expected going in, but some of the online offerings for wrestling, weren't options in store, so I went with a nice variety for sharing here and maybe getting some nice pulls, or nice cards for trade.

The Elias signature photo is for my brother, but I can share it here since he doesn't read my blog as he's not into card collecting. One hiccup in the purchase, the 2022 Heritage blaster was rung up as a hobby box in error, and I was rushing (dinner) at the end, didn't catch it until later that (Friday) night. I emailed and am waiting to see what, if anything can be done. It was partly my bad for not checking, but the cashier did have issue and was going to check the price, but said he got it, then had the wrong one. Human error, it happens, but the difference is about $40-45 USD, so would hope something can be done, but having paid cash (was getting rid of the money instead of keeping it since I don't otherwise use the USD except trips), and now being back in Canada...we shall see. Hoping to get a response in the next couple days, given the weekend.

Anyway, since I still have boxes from my 2019 trip to go through (ie. 2015-16 Upper Deck Champs box I got for under $40), may be a while for some of these to be shared, but back to the COVID lot for now...

Ah - part of the oddball life of a lot of cards, some non-sports goodness to share and find a new home for...

I have picked up some of these O Pee Chee cards in lots before, and Batman is a solid subject for a non-sports card set, so all good there. Actually in really good condition too, if anyone is interested.

Jack Nicholson was a great joker, and I can't really compare him the Heath's version many years later. Both were great in their own rights - anyone out there have a preferred joker? Or even a preferred Batman movie bad guy?

The movie being very dark and gritty, does work well for it, but with the cards, they definitely come out a bit too dark at times. The white bordering, though plain, do give some contrast at least. Anyway, all are up for a new home!


  1. I'd be interested in the 21-22 YOUNG GUNS

  2. That is a really nice rainy day pack/box stash.

    1. Yeah, and it's back of the line, still have plenty of other stuffs to go first...too much really.

  3. I hope the D&A Customer service takes care of business. Didn't know OPC made the Batman cards, very cool!

  4. I've never bought from those folks, but they seem to have a good reputation online, so I can't imagine that they wouldn't fix it.