Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Team Set Success

SInce this was a bigger TCDB trade, with a couple great successes, I figure we can get a post just for this trade with TCDB member Nathan-John-Mercer. We have done a few trades already, and today was a great one with more hockey and wrestling cards coming my way...and a couple important baseball ones too.

Those first two cards are the last ones I needed for the 1989 Toronto Blue Jays Fire Safety set of 36 cards. Pretty neat to be able to put a set like that together piecemeal since they were given out as complete sets.

We also get enough 2018 National Hock Day set cards to bring that want list down to 2 more missing ones.

Then we get into some needed help for the 2022-23 Timmies set. Busy season kind of killed my momentum in working through the set, but hoping I can pick up steam in the next couple months to at least get the base set done.

As for the wrestling cards, I am nowhere near done on the 2018 Heritage set, but some nice adds and work here. The last two are actually inserts for the tag teams and stables, except there's no marking to really tell you this on the front which is a bit of a puzzler, but it is what it is.

Man, The Bar was a fun tag team and you could tell Cesaro and Sheamus were having fun together. Love when you can see the fun, it just rubs off and helps fans enjoy watching.

Appreciate the great cards and trade!

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