Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Not One To Prospect

 I have never heard of or seen this set before, but makes sense as it's basketball...

We have here 1999 SP Top Prespects basketball card set. It's a set of only 38 cards, and I have half of them here, and I may not be a big basketball star, so none of the names here really draw any memories in my mind of long NBA careers, but those out there with more knowledge, feel free to advise otherwise.

As for the cards themselves, the design is very basic with the white design, large borders, cropped photos, nothing that really screams great design to me, but just "fine" all around and nothing that really distinguishes it to me.

The backs are decent with some stats, a fast fact, and a second photo differing from the front, so some good points, but still quite bland looking overall.

For anyone who does collect basketball - do small prospect sets like this have much draw? Do you prospect, as it were?

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