Sunday, July 23, 2023

eXcitingly New To Me

 Okay, never seen this set in hand, so had to take a look up when I got to this small bunch of about 11 cards...

The holograms never scan great, but these actually aren't too bad and show a bit what the 1997-98 SPx set (a measly 50 card base set), look like.

I can get behind any card which tries to be a little different and have a slightly different shape long as it's not bigger than regular size, and here of course you get the X incorporated. Actually, the wrestling fan in me sees it as a DX card for what it's worth.

The backs are a bit tough to read in hand, and don't scan well as you can see. From what I can see, the cards can sell decently as singles, and the boxes appear a bit overpriced (like everything these days). At being such a small base set, I am almost tempted to start with the handful of different cards here, but nah - rather trade these for Leafs/Jays I need instead.

Chalk this up to another set I didn't really know much about, or had seen much of, until now!

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