Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Park It

When I consider Parkhurst sets, I think of two things really - Emerald Green parallels, thanks to the sets of the early 90s, and the newer cheaper looking sets (not that it is a bad thing being cheaper, but just, what it is for me).

2002-03 Parkhurst is not a look I think of at all. At the time, Parkhurst was very much looking like any set of current stars, a little flash on the cards to try and have some appeal, and this can be related to the "In The Game".

Like some others, the branding story of Parkhurst is quite interesting. As far as hockey cards are concerned, you likely know it, as I do from the early 90s, when the brand name was property of Pro Set.

That was short lived and it essentially became property of Upper Deck around 1993, until a break of contract by Upper Deck saw it lose that relationship with the brand name in 1995.

After some self-released sets, In The Game took over ownership of the brand until it ran into it's own financial difficulties, and was purchased by Upper Deck around 2004-05, leading to the sets we have today under the name.

As is typical, the In The Game set doesn't wow me or do anything that draws my desire to work in this set, and again, we have a real lack of stats on the back, a big non-no for me.

With no Leafs, no errors, no anything for me in these cards, it's one Parkhurst set that won't find a place here...unlike the early 90s that I either have complete, or quietly working to....man, does surprise me at times how much I miss Pro Set and those early 90s sets.

Is there a Parkhurst set or timeframe that you really enjoyed the products that were being put out under the name?

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  1. Stevens and Linden, two of my PCs :)

    I didn't mind the emerald parallels back in the day but once Parkhurst used it as a main background color I kinda lost interest. The 2005-06 set is probably my fave.