Friday, July 7, 2023

Is It Really Premium?

Another different set today from the COVID lot as we have about 30 cards from the 1999-2000 Topps Premier Plus offering. THis was Topps trying to provide a slightly middle/higher end product.

Okay, so I get the nicer front finish, which is like a Masterpieces type feel, though with a bit of sparkle to it in hand. It is nice. I also understand the cursive writing providing a bit of an upper tier feel, though that part I just find harder to read personally with the font used.

Good logo placement though on the front.

I am really not a fan of the single year stat with the career total. I mean, I enjoy knowing things about players and write ups, but start me with full stats and go from there. At least the photo on the back isn't the same as the one on the front.

Also, if we were going to use a couple different colour schemes on the front - should have just done team colours for it, that would have been sweet.

Another set that's not for me, but hopefully for someone else out there!


  1. As they say in that Ted Danson commercial, it costs more. That's what makes it premium.

  2. I opened some of this stuff back when it came out. This is gonna sound weird... but I liked the chemical smell the cards had fresh out of the pack.

    1. I absolutely get that. Magic cards from about 2003 and earlier smell very different than 2003-2014, and those from 2014 to current. The older ones smell just SO much better.