Thursday, July 20, 2023

Select Certified

Today, the COVID lot has been nice enough to bring some 1995-96 Select Certified cards. Definitely a set I never saw in the wild, and was at the ending cusp of my childhood collecting days. The set still doesn't have much of a draw for me with the black and white background effect. I get it, the player stands out, but I like getting the whole picture thank you.

As you can see a bit with the scanning, some of the cards move a bit as they have a bit of a curve - nothing damaging, just age. I mean, any card that has a slightly different front versus back material can well bend over time.

Definitely a unique approach to the backs and breaking down the stats by opponent. I'd rather still have the career history, but definitely getting points for creativity on that one!

At first, I thought there was a problem with the last cards, but then realized that the rookie subset has some gold/bronze foil looking part to them. Clear in hand and in the scan.

A couple decent rookies to show in the cards, but that's about it with no Leaf cards unfortunately. Good to browse but nothing to buy as it were...

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  1. I loved 1995-96 Select Certified. I spent a lot of my paycheck opening up this stuff, Topps Finest, and packs of BAP. Loved those Mirror Gold parallels.