Friday, July 14, 2023

Hittin' The Deck

 We can call this one of the sleeper set builds. I like the 2011-12 Upper Deck flagship set design, and though I didn't have too much of it, had it on my one day list of sets to work on. Today, with little effort, we get a good bit of the Series 2 portion from the COVID lot.

A couple Leaf and uncorrected error cards to the side, and we have over 100 base card adds, so let's just take a look at some.

THe photography in this set is really great, and like the Backstrom card, use the framing very well.

Even the photos which are...interesting choices...Dan Hamhuis, I am looking at you....still stand out. Now, I personally may like a bit more in the action shots like Bieksa versus the "posing on ice between plays" shots, but a leg stretching Ward is nice!

Solid back designs that remind me, in a good way, of O Pee Chee backs with the stats being the focus.

Sprawling goalies always make for exciting cards!

There are a few entrance photos used, like Thornton above, and they also really standout. Now, likely because, with it being home team entrances, the team glitz is there, but that would make an interesting set maybe like, a Studio or something.

There may not have been any Young Guns, but adding about 20% of a set I like, and haven't paid attention too yet, is exactly what I like to see in these lots.

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