Saturday, July 8, 2023

So Bad I Love It

 A bunch of early 90s hockey cards to go through today, but at least I got a couple keepers and a couple Leaf cards from the lot today.

Yeah, the keepers are Montreal cards, but a set has to be complete, and 1992-93 Score Canadian won't get there without them, so, it is what it is.

Then with the Leaf cards we get the two most iconic hockey sets (to me) of the early 90s - 1990-91 and 1991-92 Pro Set. The earlier year is in the so bad, you have to love it, category because of the massive errors and issues with cards in the set, while 1991-92 Pro Set was so overproduced, even poor me ended up getting a couple boxes at the time, to open. It was cheap and it was everywhere!

Now, there were some great cards in the 1990-91 Pro Set....set. I mean, these team and trophy cards were fabulous, I mean, even the backs are great...

At over 700 cards, the subsets helped pad the base set, but when they are of this variety, like Hall of Famers, All Stars, coaches and even referees, I am not going to complain. The fact so many cards had errors, corrected or not, was just icing on the collecting cake.

Definitely a stars of the past vibe to this section of cards from the lot since even the subsequent set cards touch on Hall of Famers.

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