Monday, July 24, 2023

There's A Point

 Redemption Points were a big deal back in the early 200s. I never bothered with them, but know some who did. The thought was, you collect the points, and when you get enough, follow the instructions to redeem them.

Now, I consider these inserts and will collect them when they are "card" enough, meaning pictures of players, or even team logos, so the Parkhurst ones here from 2002-03, definitely fit. The design is pretty basic, but understandably so.

We even get some In The Game ones from 2003-04, with slightly more colour, but same purpose. If anyone cares, I scanned the backs so you can see all the glorious rules for the points. Redemption wasn't necessarily easy though, as you usually needed in the hundreds of points to do the redemption, and getting that one or two points at a time, did mean needing a lot.

Did anyone out there ever collect and redeem with these types of point cards...I never did, but maybe I am in the minority, though  I doubt it.

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