Friday, July 28, 2023

No Murk, Just Myrke

 Today's share is a TCDB trade with member myrke which brings some Blue Jays cards my way.

Just one card that goes back a while - the first being a 1986 Fleer team sticker, which actually is my first of the handful for the Jays logo. Then we pop right into 2013 with a few different sets.

The David Bowman Platinum is the second of two Jays cards in the Debuts insert set, so nice to cap of that small team set.

The normal looking 2013 flagship Topps cards are all the mini versions, my first 5 such cards.

Speaking of Topps and 2013, I am getting closer on the Jays base team set, still a couple more to go there, but the Pearson Mosaic Debut card from 2021, is a nice one and done for Jays content from that insert set.

Newer Joe Carter cards don't pop up too often, but nice to get the 2021 Archives offering of the man who hit the biggest home run in Jays history.

We finish with another Jays team set I am getting closer on with the 2021 Topps Holiday set which, I still am not a big fan of the dangling decoration design....just keep it to the edges and let me enjoy the photos guys!

Thank you for the trade myrke!

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