Monday, July 17, 2023

No kidding

 Well, in fact, I am kidding, as in a TCDB trade with member jmkidd, bur not kidding in saying it's one of the few trades I have done for "MEM" cards...shirts, relics, whatever you wish to call them.

He was nice enough to offer them up, and I was happy to send more base and other cards from basketball/football I don't collect, for these and other wrestling card pick ups.

One baseball card, and it is a nice one. Doesn't bother me at all when the swatches are straight white, though I get people liking the colours as an alternative.

Otis had a sprinkling of games with the Jays in 2021 and 2022, so better than someone who never scratched the majors, so cool.

Tomko was never a facourite of mine, but a nice pick up from his better run which was in TNA - and it's actually SN to 250 also which is great.

Brodus has had his issues outside the ring over the past number of years, and not getting into that, the card itself is a solid pickup.

2015 Road to Wrestlemania is one I don't have many base cards for, so nice pick ups there.

THe blue border cards are from 2017 Heritage, and celebrating 30 years of Summerslam which is the second biggest show of the year, behind only Wrestlemania.

The last cards are the best personally. The Miz is definitely my favourite wrestler. Having near completed the base set from the 2021 Heritage set, this being a 20 card insert paying tribute to his career, is one I want to also finish, and these put me half way there.

Big thank you for the trade, and hope we can do more in the future!

Repeat traders are great, and we have one other short trade with someone I meet in person to exchange cards with, TCDB member Sean_bren. We were able to do a trade which saw me get a few cards closer on my Tim Hortons set for 2022-23.

The Flow In Time inserts are still a bit pricey, so was glad to trade the one duplicate I had and a similar insert from the Team Canada Timmies set for these, and Sid is of course one of the bigger ones from the insert set. Sean_bren was nice enough to throw in the couple base cards I needed, which leaves me wth about 4 base cards left in the set.

Like the first, another solid trade and hoping we can continue to do trades in the future.

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