Tuesday, July 4, 2023

As American as America

 Happy Independence Day to all the neighbours to the south. Wasn't sure what would be an appropriate card share for today, but then I figure, go basic, and what is more basic and American than baseball?

So, we have a straightforward TCDB trade with first time partner Mjprigge who sent across some 1982 Topps base set help.

These cards bring my base set to over 60% complete. This is a set made fully from trades as I had zero cards from it (okay, maybe a Jay or two in my team collection, but those wouldn't be used in the set anyway) from when I was collecting as a kid.

My reason for collecting the set is because it's my wife's birth year set. Will she care? probably not, but it was a good enough reason for me to begin.

I think we all know what card of the set will be the problem or expensive card...but still long enough to go that I am not worried about Cal just yet. Besides, need to enjoy the cards I do get, like Reggie in action!

The photography is classicly late 70s / early 80s, as are some of the hair styles.

It's one of those sets that has absolutely grown on me more as I have continued to collect it.

So, whether it's enjoying the basics of baseball, or something else Americana today, or hanging with family, enjoy the holiday!

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