Sunday, July 30, 2023

Major Quality Minor League

Though I don't collect cards for the minors - whatever the sport - I can understand those who do. The COVID lot brings a bunch of cards today from 1998 Bowman CHL, so I'll show some, but the full 70 cards are in my traders at TCDB if any one is interested.

With hockey sets, I get why there may only be a single year in the release date, but I would much rather a spanning 1998-99. Having both does make it a bit more awkward sorting and finding such sets.

Small complaint, but as for the cards here themselves, a nice enough Bowman product with a good look. I mean, you get the specific league, the specific team, a good photo, the gold foiling. Not a bad front overall, even if the picture selection is similar throughout. Heck, can't complain about the Canadian red and white colours for the borders since it is a CHL set and the C is Canada.

The backs are done well with my usual only exception being stats, however, since we are talking minor league stats anyway, I have less issue with it here.

Through the cards, there are a few names of future NHLers, though I have a feeling some of the rest were pulled for that very reason, otherwise I would have seen more. Lecavalier and Morrow are a couple from the group that went on from there.

A good quality set, and collectible at 165 cards.


  1. I opened at least a box of this stuff years ago... but even more of the 1997 version. Don't think they were very popular though. I feel like they were clearance boxes at the LCS I worked at... but I liked it because it had cards of Patrick Marleau and Brad Stuart.

    1. Yes, I think 1997 is more familiar to me than this offering as well.

  2. As long as it's not 7th Inning Sketch, right?