Thursday, July 6, 2023

Club Dabbling

 Cards from the COVID lot today, and we get some Stadium Club baseball cards from one of the few sets that I am not a big fan of. Maybe it's the 90s heavy influence on the design that turns me off the 1995 offering, but let's take a look at the small sampling.

We get a number of cards in the draft pick subset of the base set, and no big star names either, so good set fodder, or team collector fodder, but nothing here for m.

As you can see with the backs, since they are draft picks, just the write ups, but what bothers me is the double image effect. Would have preferred a flat background versus the off colour duplicate picture, but maybe that's just me.

Definitely some in multiple copies if anyone is interested as I'd be happy to see these find a new home.

I will say, at least the photos have a bit of variety for draft picks posting shots, so at least Stadium Club kept trying to be Stadium Club in that regard.


  1. Stadium Club is usually if nothing else a visually attractive set. But 1st time I saw this set with the comic logo I honestly thought they were some kind of special print for The Shopping Channel and sold there.

    1. Oh yes, the good ol' Shopping Channel. My best memory related to the channel is happening to luck out and see Jason Sensation there interacting with a WWF (then) related segment, which ended up turning into him being on Raw a couple times.

  2. Not a lot of action shots there