Saturday, January 14, 2017

Pack Attack - 1988 Score Baseball

May not be the most exciting of sets, but classic cards from the start of the junk wax era. Probably nothing too much to expect here, other than a nice stroll down memory lane, and maybe a Blue Jay if I am lucky. This is one of the packs I received in a repack box at Christmas, let's see if it is lucky result here.

Well - that is quite underwhelming. Nothing of major hurrah here - best to me is the Polonia rookie card...and I guess Charlie had some solid seasons with the Royals.

Definitely a bit better with Dave Stewart here...

Much better when you get a card of Davis and the Rock....

Significantly better to then get a Jays card I need, and one that includes Ripken Jr and Trammel - definite star power!

Add in the obligatory Magic Motion card, and overall we have a pack with all cards I didn't have, include a Jays card I didn't have...even if it started out rough, it ended up better than I could have expected all considered.


  1. Replies
    1. They do stand out well - I am torn on whether I like the colour consistency based on card number, or based on team - individually prefer team, but if in a box, would look better by number I guess.